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There is a nifty function on the board called "Report". It is located in the left hand corner of all posts. If you see something like a spammer, inappropriate photo, double post, etc. Please use this function as it notifies the mods and I. We can quickly solve the issue.

Due to the number of posts, it makes our lives a lot easier. Thank you and we appreciate your help! We need you to be involved in the board's upkeep.

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I'll report something...IDK if it's appropriate to say it here.

The link isn't working at: mcrmy.com under GANGS and there's the description "CLICK HERE to let us know about it."

"CLICK HERE redirects to http://mcrmytest2.tumblr.com/enlist.

I think you made the wrong url and was suppose to be http://mcrmy.com/enlist.


There is more information on your problem in this thread. :)

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Who could possibly hate the floor-shuffle baby? I love that video, possibly because it is so odd looking.

I love that sentence.

I still feel his creepy Alice film is everything Tim Burton's should have been and more.


The rabbit and his teeth. Still freak me out. I ordered a collection of his films via netflix. look forward to it.

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