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Bummed in Boston, Scalpers swamp Ticketmaster, no tickets


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I’m a huge MCR fan, seen them many times and I was so excited about the first show in LA. Almost flew there just to see it. I was through the moon when I heard they were coming to Boston.

i was on Ticketmaster this morning before tickets went on sale. Got into the Q and waited. Then spent over an hour playing whack-a-mole trying to get seats.

Every time I’d pull seats I’d get a message “Another fan got there first”.

Fans? Yeah right. I went onto StubHub and 10 minutes after tickets went on sales there were people scalping them for crazy prices. $6,000 for general admission seats. $1999 for loge seats. Over $400 for $79 Balcony seats.

After an hour I counted nearly 300 sets of tickets on Stubhub in just about every section. None were less than 4x5 times face value.

Oh and by the way folks ticket scalping is illegal in Massachusetts. Not that they enforce that on Stubhub.

Guess all these “fans” changed their minds about going pretty quick. Ticketmaster even shut down ticket transfer temporarily. But they will turn it back on so you can “send tickets to your friends and family”.

I am just super pissed right now. I wouldn’t mind if real fans bought the tickets but it looks like tons of them were scooped up by scum sucking, bottom feeding scalpers.

Sadly there’s no way my wife and I will be able to pay close to a thousand bucks for a pair of balcony seats. And most of that would not even be going to the band. And we shouldn’t encourage these scumbags by paying them for locking us out of shows.

i really hope there is a special, really nasty place in hell reserved for ticket scalpers.

This is the same thing that happened for Tool/KillingJoke a few months ago. Boston used to be pretty easy to get good tickets in Boston but now with Stubhub and Tickmaster getting into the “resale” market not any more. 

Online legalized scalping is killing it for real music fans. Bands who really care about their fans are going to have to start doing what Pearl Jam does. The best tickets go through the fan club and tickets have to be picked up at the venue with an ID matching the tickets. Tickets are not transferable.

ok I’ll stop ranting now, go put on Three Cheers really loud and go break some shit...I am officially in mourning.








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Somebody actually has a set of tickets on the floor listed at $870,000. I’ve got to think they aren’t too bright and maybe not too good at math or very, very optimistic. Or both. I hope they’re all eaten by wolves. My wife and I tried every city in range, Toronto, New York, Philly. Same deal. No tickets anywhere. She even looked at flying to Europe. If any kind soul has some reasonable tickets anywhere nearby please let us know. I am a genuine fan, spent countless hours learning to play just about every song on guitar. And bass.i can even do a few on drums. I really want to go but I refuse to pay these scalpers any money.

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