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(Re)Introduce Yourself

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Hey everybody! New friends, old friends alike, please take the opportunity to stop in this thread and introduce yourself. Please leave a post with your name and the pronouns you use, as well as a picture of yourself if you feel comfy with that, and 3 facts about yourself you’d like us to know. Then, give the whole thread a look-through and familiarize yourself with all your fellow Rmy members and pop back in to catch up every so often. 

So, to reiterate, we need 4 things from you:

1). Your name

2). Your pronouns

3). A picture of you (optional)

4). Three facts about yourself


And post an update if any of those things change!

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I'm Kerry, you can call me Kez too (she/her). I'm 27 and live in the rainy UK.


I'm an admin here so if you have any issues with your account, the forum, members or anything else feel free to pm me.


I've been an MCR fan since around 2006, or maybe 2005 (just before TBP came out) and saw them live four times on the Danger Days tour. I need to top up that number so they'd better play some UK dates!


I'm pet obsessed and have two cats, a dog and a hamster. I'm particularly passionate about dog welfare so will go on and on about that given the chance 😂 I've just got a job with a reputable dog walker who wants to train me to be a puppy specialist in a year or so. 


Does that count as three facts? 🤣 I don't think there's anything else interesting about me!


Here's a picture of my dog teasing his Christmas outfit instead 😁


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I’m Sonia. I’m female. 

I have a horse, Mick Mac, and I’ve had him for 20 years, so he’s my best friend and the love of my life. 

I’m a teacher at high school in maths and physics. 

I love cake and chocolate and anything sweet!

And also, I love all kinds of animals, and have a weird fascination for llamas! Btw, I did pet a llama in Peru, so that’s pretty cool😅

Adding a pic of Mick Mac and me, since I feel awkward being in pics alone

Edit: I’m 29 years old!

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Hi friends! I’m Brinn, I’ve been around since 2011. My pronouns are they/them. I’ll be 26 in December and I live in California. 

3 (more?) facts about me:

1). I, too love animals very, very much; my family and I have three cats, three dogs, and I have a snake. My favorite animals are octopuses. 

2). I write poetry and compete in poetry slams in my area. I’m alright. 

3). I love going to concerts (I know that’s really surprising and unique to this forum but it’s a really big part of my life). The last show I saw at the time of writing this was Against Me! in LA. 

Here’s the latest picture I have of me, with my snake (his name is Severus Snake):

I don’t know why my picture is sideways but I can’t fix it, so here it is. 

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Hi, I'm Ash. I've been around... too long man. I'm 25. He/Him pronouns. 

My favourite album is Danger Days, though I do love The Black Parade for it's theatrical feeling, but Danger Days won my heart. I feel that's an unpopular opinion but that's okay.

3 Facts:

  • i play guitar (i picked it up about 3 years ago)
  • i have a film degree
  • i recently turned vegetarian and it's pretty cool 

Picture (sorry 'bout my face):





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The name is Mariguel (she/her). You may refer to me as Mari or MariG. Currently 28 and live in Philadelphia.


(This picture is about 6 years old and is the only decent one that I have by myself 🤣)

I've been a fan since fall of 2004 (when the I'm Not Okay music video was released), and saw My Chem for the first time in 2011. I have a Bachelor's degree in science, Penn State Almuni. Love going to concerts, and this past summer I got to attend my first and last Warped Tour with my baby sister, loved every moment.

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Can I please just say how heartwarming it is to see so many animal pictures here. I live vicariously.

I'm Francesca (she/her), I'm 24 and I'm from England. I've been knocking around the MCRmy since 2010ish, and I've been a fan since about 2006.

1) I'm a writer. Like, professionally. It's cool. Horrendously paid but so so cool

2) My friends in school used to call me Frank, which I still answer to, and one time my stereo was playing Vampire Money and when G said 'how 'bout you, Frank' I actually started to reply and got irritable that I was interrupted by Frank Iero.

3) I'm learning how to read the tarot and my life goal is to be that old lady with a pack of cards who looks knowingly at people, flips a card and unearths their entire soul in a sentence.

This picture was me at Halloween. I went as a fortune teller (it's the reason I picked up the tarot) and accidentally ended up looking exactly like I normally look except also like I was auditioning for the next series of Peaky Blinders. Which you should definitely watch.

Halloween costume fortune teller.jpg

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