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Fires Just Bathe Us

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God, I just need them to reunite! I mean, it may sound selfish but they are like a support system for not only me, but many many other people too.. They were such amazing artists and Gerard's voice and lyrics just made my heart melt and my soul shiver... Listening to his songs, his voice makes me feel like he is near me, talking to me (no, I'm not a pshyco XD ).. 

I regret SO hard that I've never been to any of their concerts and -honestly- whenever I see a concert of them on youtube I'm sooo jealous of all the people being there..You little lucky elves! 

Then again, I feel like I should be happy for them...Gerard's mental health and family is way more important than what I want (or what everyone wants). His words were heart melting "I relapsed, not into drugs but booze. I was self- madicating again to get through, and I'd forgotten how miserable that made me. It took me to the dark place again, but there was more at stake this time. I started to face the hypothetical reality of Bandit not having a father. I started taking that seriously, thinking 'I want her to have a dad. A guy that's present. Because one way or another- either by death or by asylum, she is gonna be fatherless if I keep this up'. The choice was an easy one. Break the band or break me"


So, when I read these words, I feel like an ass, wanting him to create music again while I know that this would make him so sad and mentaly instable that -as he mentioned above- would either die or be at the asylum (a fate worst than death if you ask me). Just imagine our Gerard death in such a young age, or locked away. It would be so fucking terrible. MCR may have been- and still be- like a "salvation" for many of us, but for Gerard it was more of a death note. You can sense his misery and lost hope in every single one of his songs, espesialy the "Desert Song" (in my opinion), as he tells us how he thinks his life will be ("From the lights to the pavement, from the van to the floor, from backstage to the doctor, from the earth to the morgue...") 


However, there is a theory that in 2019 they may reunite. Many people say that even if that's the case, Gerard won't be in the band. Now, in my opinion, they better stay the way they are. It's better not to reunite if Gerard wont be in it because: (1) There is no mcr without Gerard (for me at least) and (2) It will be hard for the new lead singer to achieve what Gerard's achieved, or even be as loved as Gee was and still is! It's better to remeber MCR as an amazing band, full of talent and love for its fandom, cause what we have now is beautiful! I personally can't imagine mcr any different, and the reason why it's broken up is a serious one, and makes me less sad. 


Anyway, sorry for the huge post, these are just some of my thoughts!  I don't know if you guys even understand anything as english is not my mother tongue and I can't express myself very good



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