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Fires Just Bathe Us

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Hey guys! I'm new here, I actually found out this page like 15 minutes ago and I'm so so excited! I am a fan of MCR since 2014, after they broke up...I feel so bad about it 

So I started listening to them at that time and fell in love with the band (especially with Gee). I suddenly felt understood...I was, and still am, a closet emo, so it was quite a relief to find them! Then, I discovered they've broken up and all the joy flyed away. At 2016 I stopped listening to mcr cause I felt like it's no use. Everytime I listened to their songs I was just becoming a bigger fan and it was painful for me to love a "broken" band so much. Then, at 2017, a year after, I decided I don't care if they've broken up, I still love them. Their songs and the hope that someday they'll become a band again saved my life. 


That's my mcr story! You can tell yours if you'd like, in that way we can all get to know each other! (although you probably already do, but ya know what I mean!)


However, I noticed that this site is quite a ghost town since 2017 (I've even read a topic that mentioned it) 


(Sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue!) 





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