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Hey :) 

I know Mcr is coming back are rumors, but I just wanted to know your opinion about this...

Have a nice day/night



I feel they have all kindof moved on with their respective new stuff. Also, after reading Not the Life it Seems, it seems to me that it'd be unhealthy for them to return, unless they work out a few things. It's all quite possible, and I would never say never. Not to fuel this flame, but it is kindof interesting how all of them are coming out with new stuff this year...all at the same time...but I don't know. Haha the other thing is, you know they would get back together after I spent all this money on the rare stuff haha! But I think that's not really their fault at all...and it's the sellers who are getting all the profit, or wait, maybe the band gets some of it...I mean they should right??? (When buying new official MCR stuff?? Dropthedaggerromeo, is this right? Btw, hello Moderator!)

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