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Agent Orange

Conventional Weapons Song Meanings

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Sorry if there's a thread out there with the same theme.

So a month ago I check out the GRAPHIC discussion and this one quote kept sticking with me,

"...and I started to work on a record, that was a concept record about a group of parents in a support group because they've all lost their children in a horrible way, and that was suppose to be the last record..."

-Gerard Way, GRAPHIC: Grant Morrison and Gerard Way (Sydney Opera House 5/10/13)

2:29 is where I quoted

Immediately I started listening back to Conventional Weapons looking for any hints related to this.

Sadly, I only had my sister who I thought would find this to be of her interest but she wasn't as intrigued as I had hoped *cries*

I was hoping of making this a discussion/bouncing-off-ideas/mind-blowing-revelations thread...?!?

Anyone up or...

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Oh for example, while moving my room around yesterday I was watching the news, drinking pop and singing Boy Division.

Best concoction for theory-making!

I was thinking what a Boy Division could be so I looked up it up.


noun 1. a male child or young man.

exclamation1. used to express strong feelings, esp. of excitement or admiration.

"oh boy, that's wonderful!"


noun 1. the action of separating something into parts, or the process of being separated.

2. disagreement between two or more groups, typically producing tension or hostility.

And that's where my sister stopped helping me and I got theory paralysis :-/

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