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Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration


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people hate meg? why?

i don't know a lot about the white stripes, other than i love them. meg always seemed like a nice, quiet, really cool drummer to me :/


okay i listened to the new conventional weapons

1. tomorrow's money

2. make room

3. kiss the ring (i was really excited for this because i loved the shitty live version i had, and it didn't disappoint)

4. boy division

5. the light behind your eyes

6. the world is ugly

1000. ambulance and gun

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There was this loud sound that reminded me of the sound they play before they fire dynamite or something today when I went for a walk with my dog. It played sometimes and then it stopped and I didn't think more about it. Before tonight, when they said on the news that it's the sound they play all over the country to tell all norwegians to listen to the radio because something dangerous is going on. Planes with bombs or something. Luckily it was just a test, cause I had no idea what that sound was! I guess I should just be happy cause it means I live in a peaceful country, right. But still kind of scary to think that there's this whole generation who wont react when they play the alarm, even if it's for real.

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it must be weird to hear a sound out of nowhere, all across the country... i'd probably be running home to turn on the tv, even if i didn't know what it meant.

my mom comes from a small town in south dakota, and they do tornado drills where they sound an alarm across the town, which, if there was a tornado, means you should get in your basement/storm shelter ASAP. though i think it must be used for other emergencies as well. the first time i heard it, it really freaked me out because i didn't know what it meant. we don't have anything like that around here, since the area is so spread out. but it must be useful... i mean, i almost never watch cable tv and i only listen to the radio in the car, so i'd miss any warnings.

it's actually storming right now, haha.

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I have never heard that alarm but my classmates said that they play it every monday when we are in school and they have heard it. Maybe I have just been so deeply in my thoughts and thought it's an ambulance or police or something going past. I dunno what it sounds like in where you live, but in here, it's the same than in Silent Hill which gives it a bit creepy edge and since I live in Finland and it snows here, it increases the creepiness even more. :D

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