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Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration


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That's what I thought! It's about the CIA and catching a top Al Queda dude, Everyone is basically fucked off that they "let" 2001 attacks happen and are GRRRRRRR at work finding people. The show is from Israel? or something about Israeli's who have turned. or something. They, smartly have the writers from there on staff


and it's fucking amazing.

Claire Danes.

love her.

just told a terrorist that she would ruin his favorite child's life if he "didn't sit the fuck back down."


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I think it's just a play on words, like America is the Homeland or something

and they go back to other people and their countries too.

Like this one guy is from Saudi, but doesn't want to live there, he loves America for the work and things his kids(daughters) can do, which is why Carrie was able to be all, I will send your daughter to Saudi Arabia, and make it so NO Western country will have her.

and he sat down.

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there were 6 googles here


anyway i dont want it to be new years augh sweet jesus its so depressing idk

i dont want a depressing thing to happen when im in this state


i'll be ok though just

gotta stop whining

anyway guys how are you? im all alone here wheee (im not surprised its 6:30am so) hEEE

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I have 15 followers for my wrting.

but most of my people use tumblr to spam stupid shit like gifs of supernatural


or mcr

which I swore I would never follow an rmy member because of that reason



I don't think I could do CIA or NSA or military

I would have to risk my life for horrible people because human life matters.

This guy Walden

I feel bad for all the CIA people. He is just so, racist and ignorant and wants to bomb the shit out of the middle east

my god

Love Homeland.

Carrie needs to turn him into a Ken Doll down there.

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