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Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration


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i think they had contract for all the movies (but as i recall they almost had to have another actor for alice because her actor couln't stand emmets actor, but she still continued with the job. so im not sure about the contract thing). otherwise pattinson would have been long gone. :D

she couldn't stand the the five minutes of screen time? really?

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maybe a week at the most. But it's not like they were imporsnt really..

also yay

what is it about people taking glasses oof your face as if you're not using them?

You need those? well you had lasik and I didn't, so you can go get over yourself and lt me use my cheapo glasses until I can guy new ones...

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someone did something bloody awful, I don't want to live on this planet anymore, if they continue to be the way they are, they need a sledge hammer face punch. that sledge hammer punch didn't come up on my tumblr


and Rach, you know why I am pissed, ranted about it on the secrecy secret site Marie made.

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