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Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration


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i saw the hobbit... that part with the hedgehog! i almost cried.

i probably would have liked it more if i was an lotr fan... to me, it just seemed like a bunch of dudes walking around + gollum stealing the show

Lol! I know what you mean! After watching I said to myself, "The people who haven't read the book are gonna be like WTF did I just watch?"

But the next parts to it will be so much more interesting with all the battles and stuff ^_^...

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Same thing here. But I have way too much series to watch, I'm busy with them. :D Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, True Blood... :/

I'm in my friends house and just ran to bathroom for shelter just in case she find out what I have done to her facebook. :DD Might hit me.. :D

I beleive this tumblr can answer your qualms and queries.


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that girl in the red bonnet

her head didn't move at all! did she even feel that bitchslap?

i think ted basically is ross... except an architect. i think he's still pretty nerdy.

barney is joey

marshall is chandler, except not as witty

lily is monica and phoebe, robin is rachel

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I never understood how they magically grew pants.

in the books, they tied them around their legs... somehow... i think they had to kinda prepare before they changed and like strip down, if they didn't want their clothes to rip apart. not like in the movies, where they spontaneously change and just somehow materialize pants.

though there were scenes in the books where jacob would be all RAAWR I'M ANGRY and they'd be like, UGH THIS IS THE FOURTH PAIR OF PANTS YOU'VE DESTROYED! from what i recall.


taylor lautner does have nice arm muscles.

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I don't know how feel about Rob as a person.

I think it's pretty smarthy to mock the hands that feed you IE Twiight. Like, you hate it so much yet it doesn't stop you from working on it/supporting etc. So yeah, love him for hating it as working on it--you guys can but I just can't. I'm an elitist hater. I hate better than all of you.


I think acting wise, he HAS potential now. Now he does. before, he was pretty forgettable. But lately he has been trying with more serious roles, like he finally is taking acting as serious business.

However, Kristen Stewart gets roles and is in the on the road movie?

how the fuck did that happen?

well, the guy who th wrotee book was an intense drug addict and alcoholic, so she has the disconnected thing going.....

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i'm pretty sure rob had to have had some sort of contract that locked him (and the rest of the actors) in for all of the twilight movies. or they just wanted the monies. but, i think he would have quit if he could... considering how much contempt he shows for both the work and the fans... it's not like it would have been hard for him to get other roles after the first movie.

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