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Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration


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Im thinking of starting watching ahs...good or bad idea?

Same thing here. But I have way too much series to watch, I'm busy with them. :D Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, True Blood... :/

I'm in my friends house and just ran to bathroom for shelter just in case she find out what I have done to her facebook. :DD Might hit me.. :D

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HellloooOo? How's everyone? :)

Hii! I'm fine. I just watched Iron Sky. Quite good for a Finnish scifi movie and positive to notice that they used the same speech on the backround in one of the scenes as mötley crüe did use as their introtape once. :D They used it in my first Mötley concert ever and I still remember it. :D

I feel like reading Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban but I really need to go to sleep now. :D I have shit to do tomorrow, we are going shopping with my friend (or I am going whether she's coming or not :D) and we are going to see the most ridiculous "horror" movie ever. :D

Btw: I just fell in love with this song <3

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I haven't seen half the nerdy things I should see.

But I also hate half of the things people would expect me to love

like the new my little ponies.

oh, kill me.

it just sounds like a new way for pedophiles to get stupid and sheltered.....prey.

but I'm only at 20% Laine today so I'm going to end the rant here.

I need more John Nolan music.

haven't discussed him as much as I should.

John Nolan or Music Jesus or Music Batman...

carry on.

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yeah i still haven't seen lord of the rings or star wars.


i pretty much fail as a nerd.

actually, i was really close to seeing at least one of the lord of the rings films a week or two ago. my friends were going to watch one before we all went to see the hobbit. and then they decided to watch indiana jones instead? i didn't understand.

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I havn't seen LOTR or Star Wars. I'm hugely into Batman and DC, and I didn't see The Dark Knight Rises until 2 weeks ago. I've never seen Doctor Who, and I only got halfway through the first episode of Sherlock.

Face it, I'm never gonna make it ;)

This made me laugh so hard....

Also, GO SEE LOTR and The Hobbit!!! It's really good! ^_^...

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