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Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration


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Hehe have you been snooping :) you've got a few days yet I'm sure there will be plenty for you Xmas morning.

Sounds a lot like my day.. But I like lazy days so not boring for me, was my first weekend off in months so I think I deserve a lazy one :)

Not snooping, "surveying"... :P

Lazy days are always good ^_^. Like when holidays first started, I was like "I'm not gonna do anything but sleep." But now I'm like "What am I doing with my time?!!?? THE HOLIDAYS WILL BE OVER BEFORE I KNOW IT!.. I need to get to a beach or something."

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lol i saw the hobbit this evening. that part where the dwarf king and bilbo fight that super evil orc. all i could think was harry in that musical being like, I'M IN A RAGE!!!


oh!!! i'm going to reread the whole HP series, once i finish the martian chronicles. exciting!!!

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i think all the scandinavian countries celebrate it the same day. :)

i didn't know that! how cool. merry christmas to you and sonia!

and justin, since he's in the future :lol:

have fun working, nev? sucks that you had to get up so early... though, i guess i'm up a kind of early, too... but that was by choice.

but, merry christmas eve :)

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In Norway this is a typical wxy of celebrating Christmas:

Watch a special Cinderella movie in the morning. It's an old movie from Ukraine or something, and there is one man who dubbed all the voices to norwegian xD weird, but cute. Almost everyone watch it.

Then we go to church. It's the one day in the year when the church are filled.

Then we eat dinner. People have different things, my family eat turkey.

Then we open the Christmas gifts. On Christmas eve. I always thought it was weird that other countries open them the 25th xD

And Nev, why are you terrified? I would think it would be nice, but maybe not if your parents are difficult about him?

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