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Sister Wives 3: The Regeneration

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You're one of the coolest Scandinavians I know!


isn't saying much

but still


Haha, thanks :) I'll take that as a compliment ;)

You are pretty awesome yourself!

What's up?

I might be disappearing, the bathroom will soon be free somI can get ready for a new day.

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It's a fanatic film. based on the book. The teen film cruel intentions was based on it. But don't watch that.

dude i loved cruel intentions.

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Cat's seem to think their butts belong in people's faces, laptop keyboards are the best place to lounge, and everyone else's food is better than their food.

I don't have a cat myself but my friends cats are adorable! They always sit on the windowsill, they think curtains, or peoples legs, are better scratching towers (or whatever they're called) than the actual one, laptops keyboards are cozy place to take a nap and it's appripriate to step in sleeping peoples open mouth and sit on their belly and stare 'til they wake up. :D

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