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[CLOSED] Guess The Album Release Date!

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My guess was obviously a premonition - it's the day I woke to find that my musical world had changed !!

I'd suggest you hold onto the prizes for a short while - see what transpires over the coming months in case any of the conspiracy theories have a basis in reality :)

Would be a really weird competition to run cos the prizes could mean so much more than they normally would to the lucky winner, so good luck with that!

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I have literally no ideas right now. I just want to do something soon to help people feel better.

The original idea of this contest was a) to encourage people to join this site, and B) provide a contest where you didn't have to be good at art or writing to win, because if you're like me and have no artistic talent at all, it sucks to be more or less excluded from winning before you've even entered.

I can't think of anything at the moment, my brain is just fried.

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On 6/14/2012 at 12:11 AM, StarSurfer said:

as every other album has been released on an even numbered year it should be this year - but that doesn't really give them time to get the whole thing finalized , so I'm going with 2013. 1st & 3rd albums were 23rd of the month, so this one has to be too. And even numbered months seem to bring better acclaim but as it's an 'odd' year ......

I'm going with March 23rd 2013

You were closest to their break up date, I wish I could afford to send you a commiseration prize 😂

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