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Official Board Rules + Regulations


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Official Board Rules + Regulations

Hello and welcome to The Official MCRmy Message Board! We hope you find this to be a friendly place to discuss MCR and everything in-between. Please read on for some general rules and etiquette:

1. Post threads in their appropriate forums.

Official News: Here you will find most of the recent MCR/MCRmy news. This is for administrators to post only. For complete updates visit mychemicalromance.com and mcrmy.com for more info.

My Chemical Romance General Discussion: Discuss MCR in this area. Rumor threads will most likely be addressed by a board admin or mod, and are subject to being closed.

Forum News: This forum is for all news and updates on the messages boards. Check this forum for updates on the board rules, how to contact the board admin/mods, and more.

MCRmy General Discussion: This forum is for all discussion related to MCRmy. Rumor threads will most likely be addressed by a board admin or mod, and are subject to being closed.

Gangs: Do you run your own MCRmy gang or team? Talk about it here! If you’re looking to join a gang in your area, discuss it here.

Tools: Have you created some MCR related tools to promote the band? Share them here.

Missions: Talk about promo related missions or ideas here.

Art Corner: Share your art and meet other artists here.

Non MCRmy Discussion: Post about all non MCR related topics here.

Randomness: Discuss anything that doesn’t fit into the other sections here.

Rules and Regulations: Please read board rules before posting. Members who break rules may be given warnings, prevented from commenting, or banned.

Questions Concerning MCRmy Affairs: Having trouble with the boards or need help finding your way around? Post in this forum.

SISH Help and Resources: The board has a strict no self harm posts policy. If you are feeling low please contact someone who can help - this could be a trusted friend or adult, or an anonymous helpline like the below:

Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit suicidepreventionlifeline.org or twloha.com/find-help. You can also contact The Trevor Project at thetrevorproject.org or by calling their Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

2. What To Post: Please be considerate of all board members by thinking before you post. Make sure to use your search button or be willing to go back a few pages to see if something has already been posted so that the information isn't repeated time and time again. For example, when you see a thread discussing MCR’s latest video and you want to share your favorite part, please post in the existing thread rather than starting a new one. Do not post the same thread more than once. This will all keep the board less cluttered and help things to run more smoothly.

We do not tolerate discussion of the band member's personal lives in depth enough to become an invasion of privacy (eg posting 'paparazzi' pictures of their children). We do not tolerate discussion of malicious rumours. Any threads discussing them will most likely be deleted immediately. NO fanfiction to be posted on the boards. Links to fanfiction may be tolerated as long as the fanfiction is not sexual in nature.

Please post topics in their appropriate forums. If you posted a thread and it has suddenly disappeared, chances are it has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please look there and please DO NOT re-post a moved thread because you cannot find it. Ask a moderator if you are unsure. Feel free to refer back to the forum descriptions above when posting topics. If you aren’t sure where to post, come back here and re-read the info. Choose the forum that MOST relates to your topic.

Many old threads have been automatically archived. If you wish to comment on an archived thread, please either open a new thread (if appropriate), report the archived thread to bring it to the moderator's attention, or message a moderator/admin with a link to the thread.

3. Member Relationships: A lot of people here have become good friends. Some people are on here every day and have relationships outside of the boards. We understand it can be overwhelming but please don’t be afraid of posting or asking questions. We’re all here for the same reasons. We are friendly and for the most part don't bite!

Please don’t hesitate to contact the board admin/mods. They are all fans and are here to answer your questions and make this message board a great place for all fans to hang out. 

Please be extra cautious giving out any personal information. Additionally, do not post anyone else’s personal/private information on the boards.

4. Respect Board Members: Please be respectful of others. It is ok to have an opinion; however, it is not an invitation to bash someone. Disagreement is ok. Everyone can be respectful when they disagree. There is no need to get nasty over a disagreement, and any members name calling will receive a warning. Report any comments or threads you think a moderator should look at (though please read rule six first). Please keep in mind that people of all ages read these boards.

5. Closed/Deleted Threads: Please be aware that if you don't follow the rules, there will be consequences. It’s up to the discretion of the board admin and moderators. Threads/posts can get deleted, edited, or closed when deemed appropriate. Most likely there is an explanation why a thread has been closed; however, if you are unsure why one of your topics gets closed or deleted, contact the admin/mod that closed it. Please be aware that many old threads have been automatically archived.

6. Reporting Posts: Do you see a post/thread with content that you think violates some of the rules listed above? Most of the time a board admin or mod will catch it. If it’s not closed or handled quickly, feel free to report the post. Any help you can provide in helping us solve these problems is greatly appreciated. When reporting a post, please make sure to include a description of why the admin/mod needs to address the thread or post. If there are certain members causing trouble in a particular thread, make sure you include their usernames and why you think they should be reported. Everyone is offended by different things, so before reporting remember that admin won't delete comments that don't break the rules.

This board is nearly ten years old and therefore there are a lot of very old threads, many of which have been archived. Before reporting a comment or thread, please check the date that it was posted. Unless the content is dangerous or harmful, we do not need reports of content pre-2019.

To report a post, use the Report button on the bottom-left hand side of each post. If you can’t find it and still want to report the thread, copy the thread link and send it in a message to the board admin/mods.

7. Spelling and Grammar: When posting, please make sure to double check your spelling. Additionally, please refrain from using text speak like 'i wnt 2 tlk b4 tmrw.' It's ok to use common abbreviations like 'lol', but please don't compose a whole post like that. We appreciate your input and want to make sure that everyone can read it. Please don't use a large font or bright colors as your default posting settings. It's ok to use once in a while, but can make your posts difficult for members to read. When choosing your words, remember that this board has members of all ages.

8. File Trading/Bootlegs: Discussion of how and where to obtain bootleg (illegally recorded) audios or videos is not allowed. Direct links to such files will be removed promptly and threads will be closed if it gets out of hand. Please keep such discussion to private messages only. If you're unsure whether or not something is a bootleg, here's a simple rule of thumb - if someone sitting in the audience recorded it, it's a bootleg. Officially recorded aired on television, radio, etc are perfectly acceptable. If you're still unsure, do not hesitate to contact a mod asking whether or not the audio/video you'd like to post is an illegal recording. This is both out of respect for MCR and any other performers, as well as to conform to all applicable copyright laws.

9. Respect Moderators and Administrators

Mods and admins are only doing their jobs to enforce rules. They are volunteers that are passionate about the band and the community. Disrespect towards mods/admins will not be tolerated. However, if you feel they have acted harshly, please send them a message politely explaining why. The staff are very nice people and if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact them. They are full of knowledge. If you have concerns about the boards, either post them in the Help section or address it with an admin/mod.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of your Administrators or Moderators.

Useful links:

www.mcrmy.com - the official MCRmy website

www.mychemicalromance.com - the official My Chemical Romance website

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