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Well I'm not currently reading this right now because I've gotten distracted by some other things..

Tiger's Curse (This is the first one in the series, I'm currently at the end of this one)

Tiger's Quest (I have it, but need to finish the first one)

Tiger's Voyage (Don't have it yet)

I recommend them. =]

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the chaos walking series. the first one damn near broke my heart though. it's the kind of book that makes you think.

i just finished the alchemist. it was really sweet, but it's definitely one of those goody books that teaches excellent morals and talks about the sweet innocent boy with his sweet innocent mannerisms. another thing to watch out for is that because it was translated, the english is super proper.

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I loved it and it was weird. They had a doctor called "Nolan" and I have serial killer doctor person called "Nolan" in a comic I'm writing and Dr. Quinn, A doctor named whose last name is Quinn, is a psychiatrist in a mental hospital. I giggled

but it creeped me out how similar I felt with Ester and she did things I did and thinks some of the same things and named her alter ego "Elaine"


It's like Breakfast of Champions and the main psycho thinks the book is talking to him.

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