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Spread, Increase, What Ever The Hell You Want To Call It

Sunshine Diamond

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-So this is my first mission I made in the Mission Thread (I couldn't find anything related :\) (don't make fun please)-

I was reading a thread then another and ended up seeing something that made me think...

"What if the MCRmy could post things of MCR/Rmy all around??"

I mean post thing like sticky notes or posters of MCR's quotes and sayings or little sketchings of their symbols. I remember seeing a girl holding a sign that said Killjoys never die or something along those lines. I Personally want to do this. I've actually been thinking of doing this alot lately since I first thought of this thought while thinking... :blink:

anywxy I was thinking with the help of the Rmy that maybe this could really happen!

P.S. I was thinking of posting a few things later of what I'm talking about from my hometown

-Also, if you do want to participate try hard not to confuse this with VANDALISM. People seem to not like this alot and to knowleged may be a fellony if caught doing so. So Save Yourself, don't don't vandalize. :)

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