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Best Of 2011


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Year-end list time!

- top 5 movies

- top 5 songs/albums

- your best memory from this year

- favorite internet meme / gif / youtube video

Rules: You can add additional categories if you want to list other things. Movies & Music must have been released this year (so nothing by My Chemical Romance counts). The video/meme can be from earlier, but must be something that was popular this year in particular.

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nothing by MCR counts... except Every Snowflake is Different :lol:


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2

Captain America


and I guess Thor and Rise of the Planet of the Apes were pretty good...


Born This Way

The King of Limbs


Night Shades

Turtleneck & Chain :P

My best memory... hugging Frank Iero after my HCT show in September.

favorite gif:


just 'cause I think of it now whenever I do my laundry.

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That gif of Gerard doesn't scare me. That's different.

damn music wise is tough

I need to think about this.

can this current season of commnity and parks and rec count?

I loved American Horror Story....

My favorite memory? Marie liking something I sent her comic wise.

My comic about the seven deadly sins and horsemen of the apoaclypse

pro writers think I have talent for dialogue

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1. Harry Potter 7 Part 2

2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

3. The Three Musketeers

4. Mr. Popper's Penguins

5. From Prada to Nada


1. Neighborhoods from Blink

2. El Paso - Taking Back Suday

3. Salvation - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Best Memory

Probably transferring to State College, or going to the Honda Civic Tour

Favorite youtube video:

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Ok here I go:


-Arthur's christmas

-Captain America

-Midnight in Paris

-Sucker Punch

-Super 8


-Vices & Virtues-PATD!

-Post Mortem-Black Tide

-Bad Habits-Every Avenue



Best memory from this year

-Getting to know a great guy :rolleyes:

-Meet & Greet with Disidente & Miró

Favorite internet meme

I have to go with Frank riding things...it just kill me! :lol:


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My Top Music of the Year:

Thursday - No Devolucion

The Kills - Blood Pressures

The Horrors - Skying

Cage the Elephant - Thank You Happy Birthday

Yuck - Yuck

Funeral Party - The Golden Age of Knowhere

My Top Films of the Year:


Super 8

The Skin I Live In

The Artist

Harry Potter

I haven't seen Hugo yet, which is probably the only reason it's not on this list

For TV, I loved Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and The Fades (though I've only seen a few episodes so far).

Memory: getting to experience an earthquake and a hurricane in the same month. And all of the concerts I've been to this year. At the moment I'm still high on seeing Thursday, who played my ideal setlist, and they carried on past midnight so I kind of got to see them on my birthday. Also, reading The Invisibles makes turning 23 as 2012 approaches feel significant rather than just making me feel old.

Meme: I love the gifs of the awkward friend in from Rebecca Black's Friday video, First World Problems, Hipster Ariel, and especially:


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Music(In no particular order):

Soul Punk - Patrick Stump

D.R.U.G.S. - Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

Taking Back Sunday - Taking Back Sunday

Panic! At the disco - Vices and Virtues

Thursday - No Devolucion

I don't watch very many movies, so TV shows!


Doctor Who

The Mentalist

It wasn't on this year but over summer I watched all six seasons of Lost

The Office


A pick the greatest week of my life that came back in June. The first five days was me going to New York and Washington DC with amazing people and seeing amazing stuff. Then on the seventh day of that week I went to my first concert which was The New Regime, The Color Revolt, Thursday, and Taking Back Sunday. While TBS was playing This is All Now I got a face rub from Adam which would have been kind of creepy (I'm a guy) until at the end he whispers to me "thanks for being a good sport".

And for internet stuff I have no idea haha.

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Alright let see if i can do this (usually im terrible at this):


I am Number Four

Red Riding Hood

Frigt Night

Waiting for Forever

Scream 4 :D


We own the Night - lady antebellum

Break the Spell - Daughtry

Here and Now - Nickelback

Best Memory:

Going to my first concert :D:lol:

Favorite Meme:


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2


1. Trivium - In Waves

2. Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows - D.R.U.G.S.

3. Lady Gaga - Born This Way

I also liked the new Lacuna Coil single 'Trip the Darkness'.


February - I saw MCR 3 times including the Planetary video shoot and I met Ray, Frank and Mikey.

Going to the Harry Potter premiere and loads of conventions, I met loads of the cast including Rupert Grint.

Internet meme/gif/youtube video

Rebecca Black - Friday, good lord, best week to be on the internet ever.


As good as Skyrim is, I have never been so addicted to a video game like I currently am with Saints Row the Third. I love it.

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