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Favorite Scene In A Movie?

Daryl Dixon

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So, I looked through all 19 pages of threads in this section, and found nothing like this.

Found a scene in a movie that you love and would like to share and discuss? Than post them here! :D

One of my favorite scenes in the movie, Dark Harbor.

You definitely know something is wrong with Norman Reedus' character when this scene comes on.

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My favourite scene in a movie is a scene from my favourite movie. Unfortunately, its a rather sad scene. :/ Its from Dawn of The Dead from 1978, where one of the survivors living in Monroeville Mall transforms into a zombie and has to be put down by his friend & partner. The character, Roger, is my favourite character. I like how its overlaid with Fran & Stephen watching a TV broadcast of people debating the infection and followed with scenes of them continuing their lives. The whole movie is on YouTube, I think. I wanted to include the scene where you can hear the song that we know as "Romance" in it, but I can't find just that scene. xD


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