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Mission Idea!

ravenblackhardt kj M.O.M.

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Ok, so I was inspired by someone we had on our radio show this morning that has a viral video... but it gave me a AWESOME IDEA for a mission and I'm willing to put it together!

This is the video...

He has some others, Footloose was good too...

Anyway this is my idea...


Video tape yourself, your friends dancing in public places, send me your videos (I made a seperate email acct, so it will have nothing but these videos)


I'll put a deadline on submissions so I can set a reasonable date to complete the video and then we can post it!

I will do my best to include everyone in the video but it will depend on the amt of entries.... if time is short per submissions, the most creative, funny, unique will of course be more likely to be included. BUT AGAIN I want to include everyone even if its just a snippit and I will do my best to make this happen!

Watch that guys video and get some ideas, and tell me what you think?

We could make the deadline say end of January... since we are all busy now getting ready for Christmas... How does that sound, and then give me 2 weeks to a month to do a good job of squeezing everyone in and having continuity to the song.

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This is another one... This guy is great and his Christmas one I posted in the initial post is so energetic and youthful and shows his individuality and this is what inspired me to Go out and follow his lead and not care what people think, enjoy life, be individuals, and it actually brought me out of my bahumbug prechristmas doldrums and sparked my Christmas spirit... and the idea for this mission to let us all show our individuality!


So whos in?

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Thats cool, but Im not talking a flash mob...

Im saying like the guy did in the sample video...

each individual person sends clips of them dancing in public individual or in groups, and I would put them together in a compilation video set to Planetary go and we could call it PLANETARY GO DANCE IN PUBLIC

as much as we would all love to participate in a conglomerated flash mob... we are all over the world, this way we all can be together INDIVIDUALLY ;)

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