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A Huge Favor...


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well,im not here a lot so the most of you don't know who I am...mm, I write this because I know that the only one that can do what im about to ask is the MCRmy.

So...i've been thinking a lot about my next tattoo and i've made a decision, but I need your help :unsure:

For all of us MCR mean so much and,for me in particular,Gerard. I admire him so much for all the things he went through and for all the strength in him...there's no words to express it and i know you understand it :)

So,here is the thing. I want the words 'One day your life will flash before your eyes,make sure it's worth watching' on my skin and it would be incredible if I could have them with Gerard's handwriting.

Is almost impossible that MCR comes to my country (Spain) in near future, so I'd be eternally grateful if one of you, or someone that you know, that is going to be in any of their next dates (wherever it is)could do this for me.

The thing is that someone in the Meet & Green or that have the opportunity to see Gerard, ask him to write this words for me,and then send it to me. It would be great if the person could make a video where i can see that,in fact,is Gee's handwriting,but i know that is ask for too much,so if it isn't possible or something like that,it's okay.

I know that im asking for something huge,and that all of you have better things to do if you're in front of Gerard than ask him for this.But i know im not going to do it,because I can't, and you guys are the only hope for me.

It would mean so much if you could at least try or something. I hope not to be so shamelessness for asking you for this,but I don't know what to do and i had to try it.

Thank you for reading this and,in case you want to help me,thank you so much.

Write here or im in twitter (@xipypuck) or hotmail (inma-gm@hotmail.com)


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sounds like a brilliant plan. if that doesn't work out though, you could always find copies of stuff that he's written before and create an alphabet using that.

yeah,that sounds cool too! well is not the same if he writes all the sentence at once,you know? but is a good idea,anyway! if i can't make it...I'll absolutely do something like that ^^

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If there were any gigs coming up in the UK I would do this for you, but there aren't :( And just a side note, MCR's security often don't allow videos/pictures to be taken of them during signings, so it might be difficult getting a video to prove it's actually his writing.

aww thank you!!! oh! i didn't know that!thanks for the info too :)

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