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Mcr Lyric Meanings


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Okay, Famous Last Words is my friggin FAVORITE SONG!!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol: I thought it was Welcome To The Black Parade that was making Mikey about to leave... :huh: Oh well!! Well, if it is Famous Last Words that almost made Mikey leave, the lyrics that go like "I see you lying next to me. With words I thought I'd never speak. Awake and unafraid. Asleep or dead." Maybe like Gerard and Mikey laying next to eachother......righ??? I dont know, thats what I think; but this is still an awesome song!!! ^_^

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:) okay...sooo it starts with

now i know that i can't make you stay but wheres your heart.....so they are talking to mikey and saying that they dont understand why he would leave the band after all theyve been through

So many

Bright lights they cast a shadow: so being in the spotlight all the time can create problems

But can I speak

Well, is it hard understanding: hes saying hear me out...im incomplete without you in the band

I'm incomplete

A life that's so demanding

I get so weak: being famous takes alot of energy

A love that's so demanding

I can't speakmaybe mikeys relationship with gee? or their relationship with fans?

I am not afraid to keep on living

I am not afraid to walk this world alonegee saying tht if mikey leaves the band will go on :(

Honey, if you stay you'll be forgiven

Nothing you can say can stop me going home: if mikey stays then they will forgive him and welcome him back to the band

and of course there was a happy ending :D because when mikey heard the song he came back to the band :)

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wow, you guys are like, epic at interpriting songs! but i have a question about "Helena".

was the song written for his grandma, or named for? because it says

"just like a match, you start to insenerate the lives of everyone you know" but gee was raised by his g-ma, who got him into singing in the first place?

penny for anybodys thoughts?

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