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Sunshine Diamond

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SALUTATIONS! (i never get the chance to say this at the right time!)

I'm proud to say

1) I've read my first comic book this year

2) It was The Umbrella Academy

Once I found out Gerard Wxy had made a comic I had to check it out. I had the chance to see a little peice of his mind (not in a creepy way if that's possible) and took that chance! But I wanted more...

The evil monster started to grow wanting to feed on anything TUA O_O...

The aftermath of the dark days I was cleaning up the mess that I had made and thought that while I waited for Hotel Oblivion or the Killjoy comic or the movie (still waiting on new information btw :)) I thought I should take an adventure and dicover new comics to ingulf in and have mental breakdowns over as well!

My Problem: I don't know which comic to choose from...

The first time I went to a comic book store I was amazed at the possibilities but overwhelmed! I'm on a budget, BIG SHOCKER! So I can't be as spendy anymore. When I do get the privalegde to splurge on whatever I want it to be comic book but I don't know which one.

Killjoys, I need your help on this. Anything that you'd recomend? And not just for me, others as well who seem to be in the same situation as me. :)

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My Problem: I don't know which comic to choose from...

Start any of these from Volume 1:

- Fables: Fairy Tale characters stuck hiding in the real world.

- The Sandman: rich mythology about The Endless, who are sort of gods that personify Dream, Death, Destiny, Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Destruction. Dream is the main character the series follows, but the others play important roles. It's dark, intelligent, and whimsical. MCR songs such as Our Lady of Sorrows and Deathwish rip lines and ideas from the series.

- Scott Pilgrim: A dorky indie guy's adventures with his band and trying to defeat a mysterious girl's league of evil ex-boyfriends to win her love. Stylized real-life mixed with classic videogame elements. Very clever and funny.

- Chew: A guy can psychically see the recent history of whatever he eats. Which means he sees how it died. He gets recruited by a secret government agency to use his ability to solve crimes. It's gruesome but cute and funny.

- The Unwritten: Follows Tom Taylor, son of Wilson Taylor, who wrote a mega-famous children's fantasy book about a boy wizard named Tommy Taylor, based on his son. Wilson Taylor disappeared, and Tom now makes a living by making appearances at comic and fantasy conventions. Weird events start happening intertwining Tom's real world with Tommy's fictional one.

- The Walking Dead: zombies. Horror, drama, and adventure.

- Hellblazer: a horror series following John Constantine's adventures with the supernatural

- Preacher: a Texas preacher gets possesed by a powerful being called Genesis. Along with a vampire and his girlfriend, he goes on a cross-country journey to literally find God, who had quit and left heaven. It's an edgy horror western.

- The Invisibles: Grant Morrison's semi-autobiographical, trippy, mind-bending adventure following an underground group of misfits trying to save the world. Occult. Alternate Dimensions. Worldwide conspiracies. The 2012 Apocalypse. Drugs. Sex. Aliens. Time Travel. Demons. Monsters. Gods. Punk Rock. Transvestites. Anarchy. It inspired the Matrix and many other things.

The only superhero stories I really read are Batman.

For Batman, start with:

- Batman Year One

- Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

- The Killing Joke

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I love The Long Halloween, too. It's definitely one of the essentials. I just wanted to limit my list to the bare jumping-off points so it wouldn't be too overwhelming. When getting into comics it can be so confusing knowing where to start off. Especially with superhero books, which still confuse me since they branch out all over the place into different series and constantly get retconned. Sometimes it's hard to follow unless you're one of the people who read every single issue of everything. Which is why DC just rebooted all their comics to make them more accessible to new readers, but a lot of things about that whole reboot sucks

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I think it also depends on what you like for a story. Do you like dark stories? Batman is for you. It's about so many things. Dark side of humanity is an obvious one but there is so much tragic beauty in everything about Batman.

He really changes the "hero" label and what it means. He's almost more Watchmen than classic hero. There was a great line in one of the comics, " everyone wants to be Superman but the truth is we're more Batman. We're imperfect and deep down we're not good people. Super man is the perfect human and we all crave to be him,"

but written in a poetic way and inner Batman monologue...as it was about him and I totally fucked that whole tangent up

I think you can say Batman is my boy,

if you want more human characters, then most of your Marvel comics and their branches are for you too. DC and Marvel character differ in strange ways...

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Definitely. DC tends to lean towards themes and ideas, which are generally more simple but, usually in Batman, can get dark and psychological. But it's less about the superheros as people, and less about their relationships. Marvel deals with things more on a character level as heroes struggle with their power, responsibility, and eachother.

But that's just in broad terms.

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+++1 Marie

an argument about that is that a lot of the Marvel character are treated more human and more about that human side of their issues. Like Peter Parker and his friends. loves and the losses he faces. We' connect on the "this guy is liike any normal dude! He loves and losses and outside his spiderman gig, lives a normal life. He has a job, not rich has a wife and an aunt and so on."

whereas you have superman who is an alien, with all these powers and no mater how hard he tries or acts, he will never be one of us (humans)

this is also a broad terms.

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i love the walking dead and scott pilgrim (the books are better than on tv)

Plus i love reading Manga/Anime especialy blackbird and bleach. I love things about ghosts and deamons like them :)

All together i love bleach most and the books, TV seires and movies are awesome however the way the hallows (bad ghosts) talk is realy chessey. I love it mainly because it reminds me of the dreams i had as a kid even though the series is age rated 15. :D

Usualy before i wouldent go for the superhero type thing but the umbrella acadamy changed that now i love that stuff too im at the moment reading Watch Men graphic novel it's awesomer :D

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My mom asked me "Sarah do you want anything other than comics for Christmas?"

and I was like "nope why?"

Me too. Haha! The only other things I asked for were the complete She-Ra and Jem boxes.

Right now, I'm reading:

House of Mystery


Kid Eternity

The Boys



Sandman is an essential as four and Marie said. I'm pretty fond of Watchmen lately. I've been reading a lot of Garth Ennis ever since Preacher (which is another good, long-running one.) The Boys, Crossed, Just A Pilgrim. If you like cute/dark, Serena Valentino is a good place to go. I read Gloomcookie in high school and thought it was charming. Nightmares & Fairy Tales are along the same line. If you've read Sandman and Fables, you may want to check out House of Mystery, which shares characters and settings with Sandman while being co-written by Bill Willingham, who you may recognize from his work on Fables. Also, Lucifer from Sandman had his own spinoff that ran for a fair amount of time, too.

I'm really enjoying Transmetropolitan so far, and once I'm done, I'll probably end up reading more from Warren Ellis.

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Thanks so much Killjoys! I got a general idea of what I'm getting and what to ask for future possibilities of gift recieving.

I think Watchmen and V for Vendetta are pretty essential.

These were on my original top choices! plus Batman is my favorite!

Plus. I'm looking for stories that are pretty dark but as well as humorous..

Dark Humor!

I also want to find something that is post apocolypse, end of the world ordeal.

I reallt liked the movie V for Vendetta, it had the corropted government trying to control everything! O.O

Watchmen had the, "trying to be a good superhero". They were hands down BAD-ASS!

I'm pretty sure in the end I won't decide and choose them all :P.

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Not a comic book, but Supergods by Grant Morrison - a novel about comic book history mixed with opinions and pieces of autobiography - is so, so good.

It's such an enjoyable and informative read. I really cannot recommend it enough.

Morrison describes the evolution of the industry from it's start to the present - including changing art forms and the way comics related to the politics and society of their era - with really fascinating details and careful analysis. He writes with so much excited enthusiasm that it makes me interested in topics that I usually wouldn't care about (such as Superman). Plus, even though few people are likely to agree with his views, his occult-and-hallucinogen-influenced ideas about how comic books relate to time-and-space are really interesting. He's quickly becoming on par with Neil Gaiman for me.

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The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas


The Dark Knight Returns

The Doom Patrol: The Painting That Ate Paris

The Sandman: Preludes And Nocturnes

The Invisibles: Say You Want A Revolution


Stray Bullets: The Innocence of Nihilism

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction

Akira (Vol. 1)


De: Tales

The first 2 are obviously by Gerard. Then I was on a website where Gerard named his top 10 comic books he thinks everybody should read, so those are the 3rd-12th ones. Then I added the last one because I've read it and liked it. I haven't read a ton of comic books, but the ones I have read are in the list that Gerard made and they are good.

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I wish we could just leave Gerard's opinion out of this.


Because, yeah, UA is good, but he's not a complete authority on the subject.

He's not wrong, those are some good comics, and good things to start off with...

but because so many fans will like things just because he likes them (even subconsciously)

I think it's better not taking him into account at all and just talking about what we enjoy for ourselves


You should continue on reading more than the first volume if you liked any of those series!

Because especially with Sandman and The Invisibles, those are hardly the best volumes.

For me personally: Season of Mists is my favorite Sandman arc. Unlike Sandman, which is more contained and can be read out of order, The Invisibles requires you to read it start to finish, hitting it's high point around the middle when Robin's storyline develops (but that may just be because she's my favorite... which may just be because she's so much like me that it creeps me out) -- although the one-off Royal Monsters is my favorite issue.

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Can I be intensely biased and recommend a good chunk of the comics and graphic novels Neil Gaiman has written? I can? Awesome!

I adore that man's writing style and the subject matters he chooses to write on.

I, like others in this thread, highly recommend you read The Sandman. It's an absolutely fantastic series of comics. I've read all of the accumulated comics of this series in order from start to finish and the story is absolutely addicting and SO well written. There are some really great spin-offs (some written by Gaiman, some not) added onto the series including Death: The High Cost of Living, Death: The Time of Your Life, Death: At Death's Door, The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, Destiny: A Chronicle of Deaths Foretold and The Sandman: Endless Nights. They're all really good.

If you're looking for a slightly creepy comic that has dark humor and tragedy in it, I also recommend Gaiman's comic The Tragical Comedy of Comical Tragedy of Mr. Punch.

If you want to read a more fantasy-based story I recommend Gaiman's comic Black Orchid. If you do decide to read that one, look for the one drawn by Dave McKean, because DC comics also have a comic character that goes by the name of Black Orchid that Neil Gaiman did not write the story behind.

I'm also a Batman fan and luckily enough, Gaiman wrote an a Batman comic for DC Comics in 2009. It's called Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? I highly recommend it.

I also very highly recommend Gaiman's graphic novel Harlequin Valentine. It's short, sweet and it's panels have a really awesome art style to them. They're digitally enhanced photos that have been drawn over if I'm remembering correctly.

I also have comics by other authors to recommend to you, so no need to worry if you were thinking I only planned on recommending you Gaiman's works :P

I also strongly recommend you read the Watchman graphic novel if you haven't yet. It's absolutely wonderful.

I also highly recommend the three comic-long DC Comic series Batman: Harley and Ivy by Paul Dini and Judd Winick. It's absolutely hilarious and and a really good read.

I insist that you read Alan Moore's Batman: The Killing Joke. It's absolutely gut wrenching and absolutely fantastic.

I'm only recommending one more Batman comic, I promise xD

Batman: Gotham Knights by John Arcudi. It's really good.

Cebulski's and Plati's Avengers: Fairy Tales is also quite good.

I also recommend Teen Titans: Then & Now: Deadly Reunion. It's absolutely nothing like the Cartoon Network Cartoon, mind you, so don't be too shocked when you find out Robin is the only one of Cartoon Network's bunch of Teen Titans in this comic book. It's by Jurgers, Perez, Kane and Giordano. I got it at random at a comic book shop and really enjoyed it.

I found almost all of these comic books at my local library, so I recommend checking at your local library before running off to a book store or a comic book store to find copies of these

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Joss Whendon took over some of the Marvel comics, avengers and etc.

The Buffy and and Angel comics are interesting.

haven't tried firefly or dollhouse.

I haven't read comics in ages and the stores I usually go to have a very limited supply.

and usually when someone tells me Gerard likes something, I tend to avoid that.

but that's how I work.

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