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iUno Ano, Mucho Dangeroso!


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Jeez, time flies friends. Where did the hours go? One year ago today Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released into the world. I honestly cant believe its already been a year. I must say a year into any of our other records and it felt like we wrote the songs a lifetime ago... But with this one it kinda still feels brand new somehow. I dont know how to explain it. But maybe thats a testament to the way we feel about this record. I dont think every stone has been unturned with this one yet.

The great thing about records is they dont die, they age. Some gracefully like a fine wine, and others just wrinkle and wither. Only time reveals a records true inner beauty. Time spent together, getting to know one another, falling in love... In love with it's imperfections. This year has been a journey for us, and for you all. Together we have made new friends and lost old ones. We have celebrated and cried. Made love and waged war. We have grown as people and found our true selves along the way. We've traveled many miles and eventually found our way back home. We have lived the most dangerous of days to the fullest and more times than not, come out on top.

All of us are forever endebted to our incredible support systems. The ones that have been there from the beginning, and would never turn their backs. It is because of you that we have found the incredible strength inside to be ourselves, and to ultimately not give a shit what anyone thinks.

We are anxiously looking forward to contaminating Australia with you next year. But until then live dangerous, be yourselves, and dont ever give a fuck.


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Thanks to Frank for his always inspiring words,

Thanks MCR for an incredible year,

Thanks to all the Killjoys I have crossed path, exchanged words with, read, you are all wonderfull!

I've been lucky enough to see the band three times this year, my whole house is begining to look like a MCR shrine,

I love it and can't wait for what's next,

Looking forward to anything you'll throw our way,

And thank you so very much again for being such an inspiration, for sharing your ART, your talent, your life with us!

Happy anniversary DD


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Thanks Frank and Gerard and Mikey and Ray!! Everytime I listen to Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, it feels like something new is coming out of it everytime! Im not lying, evertime I listen to Danger Days, I feel different. I begin to notice the bass line, or the rhythym more clearly. I never have noticed this album true beauty untill a couple days ago. I was washing cars with my mom and brother, listening to MCR. I saw how much fun it was!!! Blaring Look Alive Sunshine into the speakers....the neighbors probably thought something was wrong! I feel proud sharing MCR and Danger Days with everyone around me! I have friends who hate them, but I always turn it up a little louder everytime they are around just so they can notice my love for it! Thank you MCR for a great year! A year ago, I heard Na Na Na for the first time in my life. I thought the song stinked at first. My brother convinced me to listen to it because he thought it looked "cool." I watched it, and I fell in love with it! Im not a HUGE fan of MCR, knowing every song, and almost every lyric, and watching music vidoes everyday like 10 times. This has been the best year of my like so far. Thank you for bringing my true person out! I love MCR and the MCRmy very much!!! I hope to see you again for another year! Keep Running, and don't get ghosted!

- Adrenaline Threat Angel "Feeling The Romance for a year!"

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Danger Days is, was, and always will be a beautiful story. I remember the first time I herd a MCR song. I remember the concert I went to over the summer, how alive I felt. I never felt myself more than that moment. Only one of my favorite songs were played, but I didn't care. The microphone blew out half way threw Planetary, and I stilled jumped along all the same. When the music came back on and my eardrum nearly burst, my exciment nearly burst me along with it. Most artists I use to like for a year, get over it, move on. But now my eyes really have opened to music. Now, just thanks to a song I was begged into listening to, I will never view music again. Now I see the beauty in music. How it can bring the best and worse out of you, the freaking amazing, and the freaking depressed sides. Thank you for that. The story here has always been interpreted about finding yourself to me. It was about excaping from the pale white lame that the world strives to follow, and exploding with colors. Your own colors.

So, even though this is rather late, thank you, and stuff yourselves like a freaking bear today. Merrry Thanks Giving.

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Franks Blogposts always bring me to the edge of tears.

Danger Days has not only been just another Album to me, more like a whole new experience. I made new friends, traveled to places all over Europe and had a good time at the concerts. It's not like you could say Danger Days dies slowly, it lives on and everything that is yet to come will continue my very own MCR-experience.

It's been one of the best years ever for me and I can't wait to see what will come next. All I know is, it's going to be something none of us would ever think of. You never fail to surprise us all.

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