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The Goo Goo Dolls


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So basically, I was wondering what everyone else thinks of them?

I've liked them for...so long haha. Since the first time I hear them on the radio really. I dont know how long ago that was. Anyway, I somewhat recently did some more research and found even more amazing songs by them.

Anyway, Im pretty addicted (like I am when I get on certain band kicks), but what I really love is their lyrics. I think John Rzeznik is an amazing person, and really pours that out into his music. (And Im not just saying that because Im also 100% Polish).

So, babble to me if you please!

sorry for the rant, and sorry if theres already a thread like this. I searched. I swear.

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i used to love 'iris' and sing it ALL the time. till i was sick of it really.

didn't hear much from them after that. and that was aaaaaaaages ago.

what happened to them?

Well, they just came out with an album, Im not exactly sure when. Very recent though. Im pretty sure they are still on tour for it. So yeah. haha

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