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Young Dracula

luna sunshine

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I thought this show ended - then as I'm channnel surfing this AM, I see it on the CBBC channel! I liked this show, glad to see it is back. The show is exemplary in terms of showcasing quality children's television.

I kinda have a crush on Keith Lee Castle - any one remember him in the capital one advert?

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I would encourage you watch it.

The show initially I think was aimed at kids/teenagers. Seasons 1-2 are incredibly campy and light hearted and very well suited to the target audience, however it is slightly clever at being able to appeal to an adult audience at the same time. The show then sorta went on a long hiatus then returned in 2011 with the core characters being a lot more older, which is why I think although it is still on the children's BBC Channel it is now a lot darker (seasons 3-4) and the themes much heavier in my opinion. How they still manage to get away with calling this a children's tv show is beyond me. I think this show needs to be brought into the Saturday evening 'Dr Who/Merlin' time slot and extended beyond its current 30 minute episode length, so a lot more of these darker themes can be explored.

I sometimes shake my head in disbelief at the quality of kids tv shows these days, being born in the early 80s and experiencing tv in the 90s, I almost dispair. Not at this show though.

I quite enjoy keith lee castle's portrayal of Count Dracula - he's deliciously daft but at the same time so plausible, you know that he is just going to bring-eth the evil.

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