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Oh,my, God!

Sunshine Diamond

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The first time I even heard of the name I was always curious what they sounded. I didn't have any headphones so I couldn't listen to anything for what seemed like eternity. During my computer class we got a sub and she let us listen to music. Usually I'd listen to the same stuff but then I remebered all the other songs I havn't but wanted to hear. By then I have looked up many information about them, i guess to "prepare" myself. When I clicked play my mind was whirling. I couldn't believe how good they were. I wasn't too sure if I would be aloud to even listen MSI because of the song titles were pretty "inappropriet" my mother would think. My heads still a bit dizzy from remebering. After that I clicked some random Morrissey song I found tempting and BAM! my world turned again, for the best :) I just wanted to share the most amazing moment I havn't had since for a very long time.

Got anything similar to share??

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