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Kannapolis Protests [nc Killjoys Invited]


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So, these protests are based off of the Occupy Wall Street protests. If you are like how I was and have no idea what Occupy Wall Street is, you can Google it or look it up on CNN.com. I'm going to try and keep this thread as organized as physically possible. All important info will be posted in this opening post.

Here in Kannapolis, we High School students are fed up with the economy and the Oligarchy that America is becoming. Unable to travel to NY on our budgets, our leader has decided to start up our own protests here in our lovely home town. I want NC MCRmy/Killjoys to be involved, even if the protests are open to many groups and classifications of people.


-Protests will most likely be every Thursday, including this upcoming Thursday.

-I am not the leader. That title belongs to someone I know who will remain anonymous until I am 100% sure that he wants to be known.

-There are only three confirmed protesters as of Friday the 28th.

-You may come in your Killjoy outfits, but anonymity masks are also allowed. We want to protect our identity, but being Killjoys can mean putting yourself out there and showing yourself.

-I am not sure what kind of risks you will face at the protests. I have yet to go to one, yet as far as I know, no one has gotten in trouble. Be warned that if the amount of protesters expands, we may have problems as far as police and the public go. We are not looking for trouble, so if you are asked to move, just move and don't fight back (unless our leader tells us to do otherwise).

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