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Photography "challenges" Thread.

Headphone Hotshot

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Hello all you beautiful creative people known as the MCRmy. I decided to start a thread based on photography "challenges." Every few days or so, I will be posting a random challenge for everyone to participate in. Each challenge, depending on how "challenging" it may be, will have a different length of time to complete and post on here. There will be challenges of all sorts. :o

If you guys have any ideas for a challenge, feel free to share it and I will make it official. You don't have to be a professional for this. All photography is welcome! :D

So to warm us up to the whole idea of this, the first challenge will be:

"Something that reminds you of My Chemical Romance."

It can be anything from a book, a cloud in the sky, or maybe even a pile of dirty laundry (hahahahaha :lol: if y'know what I mean.) This challenge will end on Oct. 28th @ midnight. So basically you have all day and night today and tomorrow. It's a short length cause I think this is a very simple challenge.

There is no limit to how many photos you post for one challenge. Just try to keep it organized. THANKS GUYS AND HAVE FUN! B)

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These are a few of the many things I have that remind me of MCR.

1. Peter Pan

I believe it was LOTMS where I remember learning that Gerard played Peter Pan in a school play. Also Headfirst for Halos's "...Like pixie dust just think happy thoughts and we'll fly home..."


2. Batman folder

With the boys being into comics so much and in NA NA NA "thought you was batman."


3. My boots

boots are everywhere with MCR. haha


4. Glow Sticks

I remember reading a debate about whether or not Gee liked glow sticks. still unknown to me. maybe he just doesn't wanna be hit by them. Heck I wouldn't. They kinda hurt.


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Okay well it is now Saturday the 29th. First challenge is closed. It is now officially the Halloween Weekend. Thus comes our 2nd challenge.

"The Highlights of your Halloween Weekend aka Ieroween"

Pretty much explained in the title. Post photos of your Halloween Weekend and what made it special. Also a picture of yourself/friends in your cosumes would be nice :) You will be allowed to post until Wednesday Nov. 2nd @ midnight.

and don't forget to say Happy Birthday to Frank somehow. lol :D

Have a safe and awesome weekend everybody!!

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I didn't go to any parties or anything for Halloween, but these are the pictures I took for school on Halloween (I'm a photo major.)

Our assignment was night photography, so I went to Central Park at night. Kind of a weird place to be, honestly...

And there were tons of people trick or treating and stuff in the area around it. My favorite thing was this couple on the subway- the guy was dressed up as Miss Piggy and the girl was Kermit :lol:

But yeah, here are my non-Halloween Halloween photos:




and this one is from my bedroom-


also these are all film photos whoo.

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whoo...I remember doing film in high school. I kinda miss it. lol

but these are great. especially for being film photos. :D

but here are a few of mine.

My sisters and I threw a halloween party for our family, I went to a farm/pumpkin patch and sadly I didn't get a chance to trick or treat. haha.



I couldn't tell if this was an alpaca or a llama :huh: ....haha



thought I'd throw in the picture of myself as a goat...lol :lol:


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The Reflection Challenge:

This challenge is taken from an assignment I did in High School. Basically, you just find reflective surfaces and take pictures of yourself in them.


so the whole "hey look at me I'm in my bathroom taking a picture of myself" will not work. Try to be creative.

again...THIS IS FOR EVERYBODY! You don't need to be a photography student, or ex student, or a professional. Anyone can do this :D



I would like you guys to submit at least five pictures. But if you can't, that's fine. If you can, then go for it :)

and remember, if you guys have ideas for challenges, please let me know :D



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OKAY NEW CHALLENGE IS 6 DAYS LATE!!!! :o sorry guys, I lost track of time :wacko:

but here is the new challenge.


Pretty simple. Just take photos of things that represent your favorite color or colors.

Deadline will be...NOVEMBER 30th.

now go away and don't come back without photos!

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