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Hey family. :3

Today i had an amazing idea for a video. Like personally, I feel like a mask can hide your inner beauty, and i was like :D HOLY SHCOW!

My idea is that we all make a video with us talking about how MCR has made us more confident in ourselves with our masks on, and like well...this is what I would want you all to do.

1. Make a video of yourself in your mask, and introduce us with your killjoy name, and talk for like 10 sec or less about how mcr gave you confidence.

2. then take the mask off and say your real name and keep it rolling for like 10 seconds more.

3. send me the video at kaleidoscopekiller1@yahoo.com

4. I will keep you posted on how the video is looking and meshing.

5. If you have any good ideas for inspirational background music, let me know. :3

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