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Mcrmy Contaminate 30stm Show On Dec.7, 2011


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30STM just announced that they're playing a show at the Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom and I was wondering if any of you cool kids were going. It's going to be quite amazing, I hear. I've never seen 30STM, but Jared, Shannon and Tomo, like our boys, can do no wrong at this point.

It's on a Wednesday which is a school night, but no fucks are given on my end!

So whose down?!

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Man, those tickets sold out sooo fast, but luckily I was able to get one. They've been touring for almost two years straight and they're about to break the record for most shows played during one album cycle, so it's gonna be insanely amazing. I can't wait!!

What sucks is that scalpers bought A LOT of them and my friend couldn't get one when they originally went on sale. People have been complaining to Jared about it and he said he was going to try to figure something out. So maybe my friend will be able to snag one that won't cost $90 <_<

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