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Art Is The Weapon. Lets Singitforthekilljoys.


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Okay, this mission is for everyone that wants to help. you dont need anything fancy or any money to spend on this, all that is needed is your creativity and passion for life.

This needs to be done by March so that leaves us with a pretty wide time frame. This mission is to get as many videos, pieces of art, pictures and flash mob or meet up videos as possible and have it put onto a DVD to send to MCR for Gerard's birthday.

it has to be My Chem related. we need art work, it can be from any era. you could even mix it up with a Black Parade style Gerard with his Danger Days jacket and the croquet mallet from I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

Videos can be of anything from covers of their songs to Zone Reports from all you killjoys. I need videos on how MCR changed your life and what they mean to you. Flash mobs and meet up videos saying what branch you are. if you dont want your face in a video you can wear a killjoy mask or if you have a bandanna you could put that on.

Pictures can be of you and your friends as killjoys, paraders, Revengers or even from the Bullets era. anything MCR related will go. If you cant do art or a video or even have a camera at hand you can find art in words and write a message to be added.

All you have to do is find your inspiration and send it in. Art Is The Weapon. Life Is The Enemy. WE CAN DO THIS! put your heart and soul in it and we'll be able to give Gerard the best birthday present we can.

send everything in to saharacoxon@hotmail.co.uk with the file or image attached or pasted in. put in the Subject line "SingItForTheKilljoys" and in the body of the email put your killjoy name and your real name and your location such as USWXY and United Wxydom or even if you have a killjoy name for your city like the Hotlanta Wastelands.

spread this everywhere! remember, we are a family, a group that no one can destroy. We are the MCRmy.

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I WILL HELP! I'm currently doing a mission myself so I can definately submit the end product of that :DDD if you have a killjoy mask, helmet or anything, you should check it out :) but this is an awesome idea!

thanks, i'll check it out. my killjoy mask isn't "traditional" though XD

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