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Mcr 10 Years Memory Book Gift


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Here's the deal, Rmy! For MCR's ten years, The Central Valley MCRmy wants to celebrate by sending them a present they've never gotten before. I want to send:

-a hardcover printed scrapbook from MixBook or Shutterfly of MCR through the years, plus messages from us and pictures of us dressed as the band, and pictures we have taken of the band

-A DVD with a compilation of videos celebrating MCR's ten years

-a DVD with a compilation of videos of us talking about our favorite album and our favorite MCR quote

-a book of handwritten and typed letters to the band congratulating them on their anniversary

-a book of fanart celebrating the anniversary


-pictures of you dressed as the band

Goal: 30 pictures

Total: 3

-links to your videos of your 10-year celebration

Goal:10 videos

Total: 2

-links to your favorite album/quote video

Goal:20 videos

Total: 0

-your letters

Goal: 15 letters

Total: 6

-your fanart

Goal 10 fan art

Total: 5

-your concert photos (must be taken BY YOU)

Goal 15 Pictures

Total: 0

-a total of $25 dollars to pay for the book (that means 1$ from 25 of you, 2$ from 14 of you, 3$ from 8 of you, you get the picture)

Send all to sheisvainglorious@yahoo.com and put what you're sending us in the subject line. If you want to send me money or your physical copy of art or letter, email me asking for my address.

Your deadline is DECEMBER 10TH, 2011. I want to have them receive the package before Christmas.

I'll be updating this page to include who has sent me material and the percentage of our goal. WE NEED EVERYONE'S PARTICIPATION




and the resft of the CVMCRmy

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I can write a letter. Since I can't draw, can I include a photo of the band that I took at a concert? (I don't have any cosplay or anything either :()

edit: oh wait wait. I might draw llama versions of the band, since I can draw llamas. We will see.

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I really need to check missions more often. But I am totally up for this! I will try to make a video and write a letter. Oh and I have a favor. When the Michigan mcrmy did a scrapbook for the guys, I accidentally lost someone's page on the way to the venue. I told her they got the scrapbook (which they did) but I didn't tell her that hers didn't make it. I didn't want to crush her dreams. Think you can put it in?

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