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So how many of you are familiar with Improv Everywhere?

And have any of you participated in any of their pranks?

If you don't know what it is, it's a group known for their silly missions. They mostly work around NYC. But they have done things in other states. Recently they held the MP3 experiment in Grand Rapids. I participated in the MP3 Experiment 8 this summer in NYC. It was so much fun I can't wait to join them in another mission.

So they have done some pretty funny things in the past. There's 10 years worth of funny videos on their site so I recommend you check it out. You will laugh. There's something for everyone. Here are some that I find funniest. Please enjoy these videos. Then discuss the awesomeness of Improv Everywhere.

Meet a Black Person.

Give Wendy some Pigment!

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Yea it was so much fun. biggrin.gif Hopefully you'll get a chance too.

The MP3 experiment happens every year here. But they do it in other states too. I think they had one in California over the summer.

Oh yeah and they do No Pants Subway every year too. I might do it this year! It's like hundreds of people riding the subway with no pants. Just to get people feeling awkward.

Oh yeah this is great.

"Can you stand in the tourist lane? That's for slow people."

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