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Killjoy Costume! Help!

Gasoline Monster

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who are you you just gave use a name

that dos enot mean anything

you have to think of you OC character traits

that first for there you can add stuff to you costume.. you should have some kinda idea of what you want to wear.. just think about colors and what colors mean.. green ivy ,, red revenge or passion blue loyalties white pure you can do it that way the best outfits are one that are built not made you building the character base on the clothing. ill help if i know more.. :o

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Why not try to make a moodboard kinda thing? When I was first deciding what to wear for my killjoy outfits, I searched the internet and put together a collage of pictures of things I liked (leather jackets, masks, accessories etc.)

As Hallow Wood mentioned, it's good to know the story of your killjoy, as this will influence what you wear. My killjoy uses seduction to distract dracs and give other killjoys time to get away, so I wanted her to be sexy but not in a slutty way - I decided on shorts with fishnet tights underneath and boots. She also used to work as a BL/ind Agent, so I'm working on some patches that are BL/ind style but have grafitti over them.

Just think of a story and use it as inspiration, then see what you can find online. Once you have an idea in your head, look through your clothes and see what you can do. You can always go to a charity shop to buy some bits :)

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