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I'm working on a podcast project. I want to get reports from the zones to give during the 'news' section. What'd I'd need would be a brief (sentence or 2) of what's going on in your zone. Type it up in an email and send it to me. alvanderbrink@gmail.com. If you want your name/kj name/ twitter etc read off during the radio broadcast, include it. If you include a name/twitter I'm going to consider it fair game and read it out to the listeners. If I use yours, I'll email you back and let you know. I'll also post the podcast/youtube links here when they're finished.

Here's an example of what I'm looking for:

Killjoys out in Battery City spotted dracs on the outskirts. No signs of the Fabulous Killjoys anywhere. They are believed to be dusted. - Frack Murder, Zone 7

Something short and sweet like that. Not a huge life story, just something to update.

Also, if you email me, include one of your favorite (non-mcr) music links to Youtube. I'll be playing music and am always on the lookout for new music.

I'm hopefully going to be recording my first radio broadcast tonight.

To be updated on when new shows get posted follow on twitter at @NeonGBAngls

Thanks motorbabies!

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dude nice idea! and ok everything in zone 28 is cool, all the dracs are moving east twords battery city tho. bl/ind hasnt made to much of an impact down here yet so at the moment were all good, allthough if there are anymore killjoys in florida itd be nice to meet up

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