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Save Bbc Introducing Northern Ireland


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I hope it's ok to post petition's on this site, ok here this goes:

Hello everyone,

My name is Ken and I cover music events in New York (and a massive MCR fan as well). For years I never really had a focus on where I mostly enjoyed music, heck I'd go as far to say that can be a bit of a close minded point of view, but the Northern Irish music scene has played an important part in my life for the past several years. Through social media I got to interact with many artist and fans, what stood out the most is that Northern Irish musicians/music lovers have this incredible solidarity which took me by surprise immensely.

BBC's program Introducing Northern Ireland showcases musicians from NI, both new and old, and features performances and interviews with the artists. What makes this unique is that there aren't really many outlets for NI musicians to get their music out there and now the BBC are about to shut the program down.

I don't know if many or even any of you are familiar with the NI music scene but it really is something very special, to see it lose such an important outlet would be a shame, which is why this petition has been created. Signing it will take literally less than a minute and it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for reading this all the way through if you did, It's appreciated even if you don't find the desire to sign, either way I hope you guys check out some Irish musicians, I'd certainly love to recommend a few.

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Signed it!

Even though I can't say I know anything about the Northern Irish music scene, I can appreciate what the show means to it. I hate to see music outlets like this get shut down. It ruins the chance for artists to get their music out there, and for people to find new bands. Let's hope the show stays!

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Thanks for reading/signing :)

Here's a small list of Northern Irish bands for you guys to check out if you'd like. Cheers!

And So I Watch You From Afar

General Fiasco

A Plastic Rose

Colenso Parade

A Northern Light

Kasper Rosa

Not Squares

Cashier No. 9


Axis Of

John D'Arcy & The Great Bunch Of Lads

Fighting With Wire


Team Fresh

Strait Laces

More Than Conquerors

Mojo Fury

The Rupture Dogs

Two Door Cinema Club

Chocolate Love Factory

Adebisi Shank



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