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For those wanting to reminisce, or for those who wish to see what the previous MCRmy.com looked like!

If you have screen shots of the old MCRmy, post them here! I don't have very many, but here are a few -

TBPID Login:


The old subforums (before "Not MCR" became "My Random Romance":


"Let the devil sort them out", old style:


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They did that 'getting a life' out side of the Internet. Which most of us have phases of doing. I'm sure they would have made their w*y back to TSN in time had it stayed! 2008 = good times on there for me. You're right about the green though, an unforgettable colour!

I miss the random dancing!

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Good point! That 'wedding stuff' took up a lotta time what with all the planning.

I drank rather a lot on my wedding day, so I'm all up to spead with the start of the day but as you head towards the later part of the evening it gets fuzzy. There is a dreadful photo of me from the evening somewhere which I believe I banned from internent consumption.

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