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Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Cleveland, OH


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orig-17993061.jpg?1317772162orig-17993481.jpg?1317772161 By Molly

Our car could have been fueled completely by excitement and anxiousness as my little sister and I arrived at Blossom Music Center. We had been anticipating this concert for only four shorts days after having found at that we had won the tickets, but the wait seemed to have lasted more than a lifetime.

We soon discovered that we were not alone in this feeling; ecstatic concert-goers began to pour in through the gates, shouting, skipping, dancing, and all but mowing over each other in order to be within view of the stage a few precious seconds sooner. I skulked about the entrance gate in order to meet fellow Killyjoys and and take their photos. A few people even recognized me from Buzznet! The concert son began, and it was all everybody could do to stay in his or her seat.

The lights were killed, and the notorious female representative of Better Living Industries appeared on a large screen. It was impossible to hear what she had to say over the screaming of excited fans (not to mention that she spoke in Japanese)!

The band opened with--you guessed it--NaNaNa. Gerard would not stay in one place for more than a second, and Frank seemed more than pleased to climb off of the stage and onto an amp as he stared out into the audience. Mikey and Ray stood faithfully in their spots as Frank hurried back to his microphone to provide backup vocals along with Ray.

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