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I Need Help Picking A Cool Killjoy Name... Please Help

Bomb Blasta

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i have killjoy names that i have made but i can't decide which to take... i spent ages just looking through a dictionary picking out random words and mixing them together to make awesome names (i was shoked to find that to actraly help) but i've made so many that i dont know which to take :(

So here are a few of what i made (not all they others sound wierd...er):














...well it kinda gose on from there but what do you think is best cause icant pick plus im asking as fellow member of the MCRmy plus ill say which one ill use as soon as i get enough replys and then the others i dont use some onecan like use those (i dont mind its just picking a name for my self im worried about). Please... please help me im too dumb to dicide :D p.s. i cant spell very well so you sorry if i spelt something wrong :D bye for now

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I also like Bomb Blasta :) I think it's cool you're putting so much thought into it, but when the right name comes to you, you'll know it instantly. My killjoy finally came to me in the second to last song of the Architects set earlier WCT tour. I had been trying to find one for a while, but none of them were quite right. Sulfur Siren suits me and I knew it was meant to be my killjoy name. So while it's awesome to make lists, when it's the right name for you, you'll know and you won't necessarily need others to tell you that's the one. Hope this is helpful. Let us know any more help you may want with this.

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Personally, I like Blade Blitz...*unpopular opinion*

But, yeah, what Sulfur said. You'll know when you've got a good one. I'd say "the right one" but I'm just chock full o' good Killjoy names. It's just that the one I use was my original and remains my favorite and the one that most describes me.

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I also like Bomb Blasta... I kinda like Prime Zero as well... but Bomb Blasta is so fun to say :lol:

I also have to go with Sulfur and Volume. You'll know the right one when you find it.

I found mine my throwing around ideas with another killjoy. And when I came up with it (Agent Photobomb) we both decided that it fit me well.

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i belive i should take bomb blasta not because its the one most people have been saying ive been thinking about it 24/7 and it feels right... it feels like me!

its perfect it suits my personality!

now all i want to say is two simple but meaning full words...

Thank you...

thankyou everyone who has quoted, gave ideas and supported me!

:Dpost-6583-086194100 1318262521_thumb.jpg Killjoys make some noise...

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post-6583-021561600 1321287003_thumb.jpg

latest update just to let you know about how im coping with my name... its awesome ive designed a costume and mask and it definately suits my personality (slaughter manic :D)... ive got a epic logo which is pretty shiney... ive done so many drawings i can't count and there pretty huge i even have my own team that call me by bomb blasta (there all jelous of my name :D)... and finaly my killjoy slang is coming along well but people think im all costa rica for talking diffrently but they will have to get used to it plus its not that diffrent to how i used to talk any way :D

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