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The singers are:

Elena(Lena) Katina


Yulia(Julia) Volkova


As much as I love both, Lena has been, is, and always will be, my favorite!! :P We're both redheads, we're in the same vocal range, we both have a dog. She's natural, has better English, and writes her OWN stuff, dedicated to Yulia now that she's solo!

I kinda lost respect for Yulia, because of how much she changed her hair and face, especially the face...All that botox took her natural beauty away. And the tan....ick. And her songs are sort of ok, but they seriously could be better. She's not even writing them to begin with, but I kinda wanna slap her writers and composers across the faces. They're coming up with the most unoriginal typical melodies and uninspiring lyrics. They're all about sex, and she now looks like a fake goth Barbie. Ew.

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pixie, I'm not mad. :) To be brutally honest, I hear different things from different people, so I don't know the actual story.

Scenario 1: Either Lena or the management suggested they go solo due to losing popularity. So Lena started recording some songs and released her first single "Lost in This Dance" as an MP3 on her site. I tried downloading it; didn't work. In August she released her debut, "Never Forget" with the 2 songs "Never Forget" and "Stay." At her debut concerts last year, she was singing t.A.T.u. songs and Yulia got pissed, calling Lena's solo project silly. Lena was not angry, and hoped Yulia herself would be successful.

Scenario 2: The girls decided to break up due to arguments in the band.

I'm gonna go with the first scenario. Although Lena admitted in an interview recently that she and Yulia hardly talk anymore. :(

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The only song I know and love is "All the Things She Said"

All the things she said

all the things she said

running through my head

running through my head

running through my head

Now, I have it stuck in my head. x]

OMG I JUST figured out how to quote somebody! x]

The Russian version is:

Ya soshla s uma, ya soshla s uma

Mne nuzha ona, mne nuzha ona, mne nuzha ona

In English, it means:

I've lost my mind, I've lost my mind

I need her, I need her, I need her

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I remember them, they were quite popular with 'All the things she said' a few years ago.

I don't remember much about them, only that they pretented to be a lesbian couple for publicity and then suddenly one of them was pregnant?

Yeah. Yulia(dark hair) has two kids. 6-yr old Viktoria Volkova and 3-yr old Samuel Volkova.

I don't like what Yulka did with her face... :( It's all fake-looking...Too much botox.

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