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Be In The California 2019 Meetup's First Official Promo Vid!

Cyanide Sunshine

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Hey Killjoys!

I'm working on making the first official promotional video for the California 2019 meetup, and I need your help! What I really, really, need is a short video of you saying "I'll be there." I can also use pictures of you in your killjoy garb, or drawings of it. I want to have this made by October 1st, so it can be part of the massive twitter bombing we're planning. So, deadline is set at September 30th. Yeah, I know it's super short!! But I think you guys can do it ;)

Send submissions to kleineuntier@gmail.com or MCRmy.meetup@yahoo.com. Thank you thank you thank you! If you need more information on the meetup, visit the website mcrmyca2019.webs.com or the twitter, @mcrmyca2019. You can also read about it on the boards here.

EDIT: So, as most of you know I was pretty sick for a while and took a break from this. I still accepted submissions though, and I have a whooping total of 2 videos and 1 picture...So obviously I need MORE! haha. Get your friends to take pics/videos too! I was thinking I'd like to have this done and release it on New Years? At midnight...So, deadline is Christmas Day! I feel like that will give people plenty of time to send in legions of pics/vidoes :) Contact info is still the same. Frankie you all :)

-Cyanide Sunshine

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