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Mcr 10 Years, Project.


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listen up killjoys. i’m going to do a video to MCR, and i want every killjoy and soldier in the MCRmy to help me.

MCR have helpt so many people through there lifes, & have saved many lifes. around october MCR have exist in 10 years. so i want to thank them for everything they have done, and for this 10 years. so i would be so happy if you could help me.

so waht I want you to do is; to take a picture of your self with a sign, or a painting, or if your write on your body, or just a sign. and write a message to them, or just show the message in the painting. or write a insperation quote they have said. you can do what ever you want. (you don’t need to be in the picture if you don’t want.) be how many you want in the picture, take help from your family. from your dog, cat, etc. what you need to do is; show in the picture what country you are from.

send the picture to my email; mcr10yearsproject@hotmail.se

if you wonder something, just ask.

the last day to send in your picture to me is september 30 (2011).

please share this to every killjoy you know. here is the link > http://killjoyshydrug.tumblr.com/post/10094132373/my-chemical-romance-10-years-project

thank you so much. xo Shy drug


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