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Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Salt Lake City


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I remember my first My Chemical Romance concert. It wasn't too long ago actually, just last April (so technically it would be pretty hard to forget). I was stuck at the back of the crowd. But despite being so far away from the stage I thought I was right up next to it since they perform with so much energy and connect with every single member of the audience.

The guys of My Chemical Romance have such an amazing stage presence that can fill small clubs -like where I saw them last- and huge amphitheatres like Usana, where they performed this Saturday.

It was intresting to see the diffrence between the audiences that Blink-182, Rancid, and My Chemical Romance brought in. Rancid seemed to have an older punk fans, while MCR's audience consisted of mostly teenagers and young adults, and Blink fans fell somewhere in the middle.

Rancid was an excellent opening for Blink and MCR. They had everyone in the audience tapping their feet and bobbing their heads. After Rancid it was MCR's turn to take the stage. The set-up didn't take too long and the stage was ready in about 10 minutes.Suddenly, film reel began to show on the giant screen above the stage, and the crowd went wild, and when the band took the stage, the crowd screamed even louder.

The band opened with "Na Na Na" which they played with tons of energy and vigor, and they kept up the energy throughout the entire night. Ray and Frank ripped though solo after solo. Mikey was confident and steady on the bass, and Gerard powered through every song with nearly flawless vocals.

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