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Craig Thompson Graphic Novelist


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So this is probably my favorite graphic novelist and I just wanted to meet other people who love his work too! Has anyone read all or one of the following:

Goodbye Chunky Rice ( I still have to read this)

Blankets ( Which is my all time favorite. For now)

Carnet De Voyage ( Which is his travel sketch journal for Europe and Morocco.)

Or is looking forward to Habibi ( Sept. 20,2011)?

So hello everyone and I hope I find someone who has or is willing to read any of these :D

To The End,


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Okay since no one is showing any interest to this thread ( and its something I care about a lot and I am sick and have nothing better to do) I will actually put little summaries on what each book is about and its cover and maybe a page excerpt.

So first book! The one I haven't read Goodbye Chunky Rice:


Goodbye Chunky Rice is Craig Thompson's coda to saying goodbye, a reflection upon the things we lose and the things we leave behind. It's an exploration in sadness, remorse, regret and loneliness. Yet, despite these things, it is not a "heavy" book. - -Graig Kent




Blankets chronicles the episodes between Craig Thompson's adolescence and young adulthood. Though written chronologically, Thompson uses flashbacks as a literary and artistic device in order to parallel young adult experience with past childhood experience. Major themes of the work include: first love, child and adult sexuality, spirituality, sibling relationships, and coming of age - Wikipedia

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Carnet De Voyage:



This was pretty much his travel sketch book for Europe and Morocco.

Habibi (Sept. 20, 2011):


( I will edit better photo in later)


The story involves slavery, religion, and "a love story between a prostitute and a eunuch." -Wikipedia

All images are from the first search result on tumblr. So they aren't my favorite scenes or anything. I am just trying to show his style of art.

And that pretty much wraps it up! I hope you guys look into these books :) They are worth every second and penny.

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I must be super obsessed because I keep on replying to this post trying to keep it current till I find someone who enjoys his work! Anyways I am working on Habibi still! ( I'm sick and for some reason my eyes hurt so its taking awhile!) Its amazing.

Its a hard read because the topics are serious and heavy but its absolutely stunning.

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