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Mcr 10 Years <3

Deadly Sunshine

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The day is finally here. They've spent 10 years together, saving lives and making one of a kind music. I really hope they'll be together another 10 years (I'm sure they will). So, I remember when I've heard about them for the first time. It was 14th of November, 2010. I was watching videos on youtube; lyrics videos. I typed 'Lyrics video' and the Na Na Na came on. I clicked it. At first, I was thinking 'Good song, but a little bit too fast.' Later on it I fell in love with them. I downloaded ALL of their songs. At first, I liked only around 10 song. Every week I I put all the song on shuffle and started to like 5 song more. It went on and on and on, until I've found out I like all the songs from Danger Days, except Vampire Money. Later, this song became one of my favorites. I liked all the song from the Parade too. Eventually I liked all the songs from Revenge too. The last songs I started to like were from Bullets. I don't know why. The first song I liked from that album was Drowning Lessons. Demolition Lovers were next. I liked it soooo much I listened to it a week on replay, I just couldn't stop. Around December I liked all of their songs. Their music has changed me; in a good way. I mean, it was a new school year. I wasn't smiling as much as I used to. I wasn't myself, I was only what others wanted me to see. They thought that I'm happy, that I'm alright. I wasn't, but I would never show my real feelings. All of this was happening in September and October. Then the vacation came. And school again. November was a special month, because of MCR of course. When I came the next day in school (after the 14th of November) everything has changed. This BIG smile appeared on my face. Nobody didn't see it for a year. Everyone was surprised. They still didn't like me but hey, I liked myself and I was who I was meant to be. That was the only thing that matters to me now. People were avoiding me since always, or I was just avoiding them. Yes, MCR also saved my life. The next thing that came on was depression. When I wasn't myself, people didn't talk that many shit about me. But then... There's this girl. I really hate her, with all of my heart. She's mean, like really mean. She's talking shit about me 7 fucking years. Stuff like ''You're ugly, you're fat, you're useless, you're stupid, you're dumb'' and more awful things. It was hard to get up in the morning and go to school. I was afraid. The thoughts came too. Many times I was thinking "No one will miss me anyway. I can end it if I want." My parents started to notice to, but they didn't say anything. It was harder every day, I needed someone who will understand me, who will support me. I found that person in mcrmy. Now I want to thank all of you. You are the people, who've been the same things as I've been. You are the people, who are not the most popular kids on school. For me, you are the only normal people.

Now, I separate my favorite songs and song that mean a lot to me. The song that means the most to me is We Don't Need Another Song For California. Why? Because when I've heard it, that's when I realized. "Mcr are my favorite band." That's when I realized how much they really mean to me.

Thank you Gerard, for reminding me, that I am not afraid to keep on living. Thank you Frank, for reminding me I can be whatever I want to be. Thank you Mikey, for reminding me I should always believe. Thank you Ray, for reminding me that I am special. Thank you MCR for saving my life. And thank you to the special Mcrmy. We are the freaks and we like it that way. I love you all, with no exceptions.

Happy 10th anniversary My Chemical Romance. <3

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