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Fright Night-


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Seen the new film tonight!

Now that's a vampire film!

Did anyone else notice chris sarandon in a cameo role in the film? The man who got bitten after getting out of his car.

David tenant was soooo funny-"don't do anything I wouldn't do...ok that rules out mini golf and sushi" :D

and yes I spotted the alkaline trio poster and miss lisa loeb!

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I'll be honest I had my resignations with this remake as do most fans (I assume) when they remake a classic. But after watching the remake last Friday Night, I can honestly say its movie all its own. While there are similarities to the original, I think the best thing to do is not to compare the two.

I thoroughly enjoyed this version as much as the original and surprisingly out all the 3D movies I’ve watched recently this was actually in 3D!

David Tennant made this movie me!

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