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Mcrmy At Burning Man 2012


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Burning Man is an annual art event in the Nevada desert in which they literally "Light up the Effigy".

I was looking forward to going to Burning Man, but once again, I can't make it and BM is sold out anyway, this is an art event in which they literally "Light up the Effigy"and I have wanted to go for years. I had this idea:

We could organize an exibit (that is the way to go to BM, not only get in free, you get to do something) of MCR fandom, so not just a meet-up, a Killjoy themed play or we could do MCR Karioke. Has to be at night because it is in the scorching hot Nevada desert and we mostly wear black clothing.

What do you think of that?

This is the effigy:

post-6195-050521600 1314928006_thumb.jpg

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Later, getting ready to go to Hard Rock Pavilion in Albuquerque :) HCT!! Meanwhile, I really hope to participate in this Mission, but in has to be Organized out of San Francisco Ca. that is where I gather, is BM Hq. Wait! Before I go, More BM photos for all of you to scope; B)

because of this photo up-loader program's inability to handle basic arithmetic, "ERROR This file is too big to upload" even when it is only 9.8 kb, yeah well, this was my trouble with the banner mission,too! just take my word on it, the other photos were really cool and if you never see them you can thank the [Fuckin'STuPID!!] MCRmy File Up-loader.

post-6195-081169900 1316978086_thumb.jpg

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