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The Killjoy Project


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Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know about a project I want to start off. I'm naming it 'The Killjoy Project' after MCR's latest 'theme'.

Basically, I want you and killjoys from around the world to create a name and avatar for their very own killjoy. You can make it anyway you like, but the fnal copy must be digital, and include your name, your killjoys name and an image of your killjoy. Once complete please send to: SapphireBludgeon@hotmail.co.uk with the subject 'Killjoy Project' you could also include a comment about the band, of thanks or a poem or something. As soon as I have enough stuff I'm going to smush it all into a youtube video to promote and thank the band. I will post a link to the video once complete. I would also be verry gratefull if you could post this message everywhere My Chem fans are likely to find it.

Many thanks,

you know who :P

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